Ronan’s Implications for Agents of SHIELD


The moment I have been waiting for is finally here. I have been keeping a close eye on the images from Guardians of the Galaxy, looking for a good image of Ronan the Accuser’s skin. Why? Because it could mean a lot for Agents of SHIELD. (AoS spoilers follow)

At first, I know it seems weird. But follow with me.

This image was released of Ronan:


Take a look at his skin. It is not at all unlike the alien we saw in TAHITI. That means that, because Ronan is a member of the Kree, the possibility that it was Kree blood that saved Coleson is still on the table. In fact, it looks pretty decently like the dismembered alien underground.

Since a blue alien was found in Agents of SHIELD, I have been wondering if the Kree are involved. In the comics, the Kree invaded Earth, even accidentally giving powers to a couple heroes, most notably Miss Marvel.

The fact that the AoS Alien was blue was a big deal. When Coleson asked Lady Sif if there were any blue lifeforms, the Kree were even on the list she rattled off.

I believe the above image of Ronan the Accuser confirms, or at least means its highly likely that, the alien in the basement of TAHITI was Kree. Of course, only time will tell.


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