Agents of SHIELD – What’s In Season 2?

It’s been a couple days since Agents of SHIELD finished. In the second half the season, the show rapidly attempted to draw everything back together, but not everything was quite resolved in the end. That’s fine, though, because now we have open storylines for the next season of Agents of SHIELD.

So what storylines are left open for season 2?

Flowers and Sky’s Parentage


Raina escapes the Clairvoyant’s grip and makes contact with Sky’s father, who, despite being in a bathtub, has really dirty arms. It’s likely that season 2 will focus greatly on Sky’s parentage, who have been described as “monsters” in the past episodes.



We haven’t seen the last of Mike Peterson. I expect him to make an appearance again later in Season 2. He walked away, a free man, with promises to do good. Agents of SHIELD has secured another hand of God to get them out of tight spots (like Nick Fury’s roll in the finale).



Early in the show, we were introduced to Dr. Franklin Hall. He was sucked into a ball of Gravitonium and we saw a hand reaching from it. To comic people, we know that Franklin Hall becomes Graviton, capable of controlling gravity. Despite the wonderful setup for the villain, he was not shown again. The Gravitonium had significant screen time in the last few episodes, so expect Graviton to emerge soon.



The fact that he didn’t die in the end of the season means there are plans to bring Agent Ward back. I’m betting that Coleson’s team will end up in a tough spot where they need Ward’s help. However he comes back, expect to see more of him.

Multiple Lanyard Guys?


Agent Koenig is evidently cloned… or has a twin… or is a life model decoy. All we know for sure is that there is evidently one of him in every secret base out there. So I’m sure we’ll explore that more in the future.

Big Blue Aliens


Finally, the big blue alien. Probably my favorite moment in all of Season One, we know that Coleson was saved because of his exposure to the big blue alien’s blood. I’m betting that this big guy is a member of the Kree or other alien species that happen to be big and blue.

Our last image of the season was Coleson drawing some strange diagram on a wall. This is probably due to the alien blood and will get more focus in Season 2.

There’s a few more characters that could and probably will return, but these are the story lines that I expect to be heavily featured in Season 2. What do you think? Sound off in the comments, but only time will tell.



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