3 Most Underrated Marvel Movies

Marvel has had some great movies. Marvel has also had some… well… they had Spiderman 3. Across the wide ranging spectrum, however, were a few underrated movies. For one reason or another, they were labeled as horrible or simply forgotten all-together. Three big ones come to my mind. Keep in mind, I’m not saying these are great, but simply not as bad as people think they are.

The Punisher


Thomas Jane took up the white skull in 2003 for a Punisher Movie. It’s cheesy and predictable at points and does feature John Travolta as the villain, but it’s simply fun to watch. Jane does a good job of demonstrating a deeper character. He was even brought back for a fan-made short, dirty laundry. All in all, the movie is not fantastic, but it is fun to watch. It’s gotten a bad rap through the years, but I still pull it out for a fun watch a couple times a year.

It helps that The Punisher happens to be in my top five Marvel characters in general. Also, shout out to Punisher: War Zone. This is also not terrible and Volstagg… i mean, Ray Stevenson… does a great Punisher as well.



Okay, remember when I said that these movies are not great, but they’re just not as bad as people say? I was talking about this one. Daredevil suffers from a bad script, hokey fight scenes, and an overly-dark tone. But it is still fun. The movie was nearly perfectly cast (except Colin Farrel as Bullseye… that didn’t work). For the most part, the actors did well. It’s not perfect, but it’s no where near as bad as people claim it is.

The Incredible Hulk


People had a bad taste in their mouths after the 2003 Hulk movie. Some people would say that Eric Bana’s Hulk deserves to be on an “underrated” list. I’m not one of those people. Unfortunately, I credit the lack of success for The Incredible Hulk to the poorly done 2003 Hulk. The Incredible Hulk is a good movie. I am still upset that Edward Norton and Robert Downey Junior didn’t get to talk science with each other over schwarma. I loved his portrayal of a driven, focused Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, the movie is nearly completely forgotten within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Truthfully, I would label it as my favorite of Phase 1.

So there we have it. These three movies are underrated in the history of Marvel. Maybe they’re not fantastic, but they are not as bad as people say they are. Will they ever be recognized by the general public as not terrible? Only time will tell.



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