Agents of SHIELD – Is It Worth It?


Agents of SHIELD finished Tuesday night. The Universe does exist in the same Universe as the Avenger movies, with many of the same events crossing, such as the Convergence or the collapse of SHIELD and rise of Hydra.

People have had varying opinions on the show, so it all boils down to the big question: Is it worth the watch?

Short answer, if you can get through the first half, the second is worth it. Since the return from winter, the show has had a great turnaround and has been quite good. The first half, not so much.

The show spends much of its first half with a “monster of the week” mentality. Each episode showcased a different villain, none of them terribly memorable. The second half was much more of a continuous story, tying many of the first half’s story arcs into one cohesive story. Although it was never incredible television, it was entertaining and kept the viewer guessing.


The show truly got good when Captain America 2 came out. When SHIELD collapsed and Hydra took over, the show suddenly became very intriguing.

I think the question of Agents of SHIELD boils down to how interested in Marvel you are. If you consider yourself a person who wants to know most about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, watch it. If you’re someone who doesn’t know if you’re watching a Marvel or DC movie, then I would say you could pass on Agents of SHIELD. Quickly, I would point out that you are on a site specifically for Marvel Movies, so obviously you have some interest in the matter.

Also, Season 2 promises to be strong, but will definitely require a knowledge of Season 1.

I have to wonder if the movies will ever address the Agents of SHIELD, or if AoS will always be extra to the movies. As for now, the MCU doesn’t exactly need it, but for the future, only time will tell.


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