Amazing Spiderman Post-Credits

So let’s talk about that post-credits scene of the Amazing Spiderman 2. Oh wait, there wasn’t one.

Breaking the trend in Marvel movies, the Amazing Spiderman 2 had a notable lack of scenes during or after the credits. Instead, we got a brief scene (or maybe a trailer, depending on your definition) of X-men: Days of Future Past. At first, I wondered if this was the beginning of a cross-over between the two franchises, but now it appears that Sony did something a little different.

Originally, there was supposed to be a post-credits scene, involving Norman Osborn’s frozen head in Oscorp. For those who need visual confirmation of such a strange claim, observe:


Evidently, the Sony filmed this scene and then decided against it. I would bet that someone decided that having a frozen head was just a little bit… oh… stupid?

After cutting this scene, however, Sony needed something to fill the credits, so they struck a deal with Fox for a scene from X-men. To clarify, this is what I speculate happened. There is no evidence in any direction.

The original scene does indicate some interesting directions for the future of Norman Osborn. Will we see the arguable chief villain of all Marvel again? Will he take over as the Green Goblin at any point? What future is there for his character? Or does cutting him from the post-credits cut his future as well? As usual, only time will tell.


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