The Sinister Six – Revisited

Much earlier, I wrote a post on my guess for the Sinister Six. You can revisit that here, if you wish. Now that the Amazing Spiderman 2 has come out and we’ve basically confirmed four of the rolls, I’d late to take another look at the lineup.

The Confirmed

We have basically confirmed the presence of the Green Goblin, Rhino, and Dr. Octopus, and Vulture have basically been confirmed. If anyone questions the Green Goblin or Rhino, I would challenge you to watch the movie again. Dr. Octopus and Vulture have been had their given weapons appear in the “Special Projects” of Oscorp. I’m going to say pretty definitively that these are confirmed for the Sinister Six.

Roll #5

During the credits of the Amazing Spiderman 2, we saw six “images”, seeming to coordinate with the Sinister Six. Four of them match with the previously confirmed, as listed above. The fifth and sixth are something more of a mystery. Take a look at the fifth image:


At first glance, I truly didn’t know what to think of this. Then one of my friends pointed something else out. Take a look at the picture below:


It’s a little bit of a stretch, but the eyes on the jacket match the eyes on the image from the credits. Also, does that look a little bit like a spear? I’m not saying it’s confirmed, but also remember that Kraven was actually a member of the original Sinister Six in the comics.

In a previous article, I said I didn’t believe he would ever make it to the big screen. That was mostly because I didn’t see a good way to do it. That doesn’t mean that Mark Webb won’t have some idea that I haven’t considered. So it’s more of a possibility now than before.

Roll #6


So this last image is… uh… well it’s a face.

Some people have very definitively come out and said that this is Mysterio (coincidentally, these people were pulling for him in the first place). At first, I  pointed out that the image itself literally can be tied in no way to Mysterio. This is not his traditional domed head. But the series has borrowed heavily from the “Ultimate” comics. So now I zero in on the tuff of smoke coming from the eye hole. Take a look at the Ultimate Mysterio and think about it.


Others say that this indicates Chameleon. I would say this is a little more supported by the image (not more likely, but more supported). Chameleon traditionally wore a silver mask, not unlike the image in the credits. It’s possible, but it is a little bit of a stretch. Sure, a master of disguise is cool, but how would that work into a team of six? Sure, it’d have practical purposes, but it’s not really a team ability. Chameleon seems a bit more of a loner, but I could be wrong on that.

One of the very interesting theories I have heard regards the Black Cat. Although it’s not confirmed that the Felecia in AS2 was Felicia Hardy, I would say it’s incredibly likely. Now if we’ll ever see her don the white and black, I’m not sure. A mask that she wears is not unlike the image from the credits.


In the end, I would say that the Ultimate Mysterio makes the most sense to me for a Sinister Six, although I could see any of the three.

So that’s the update on the Sinister Six. We have four of the six seats filled. I no longer believe that any of the previous villains will reappear, only because they don’t seem to fit into the images above. It’s much to early to say anything definite, so for now, only time will tell.

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