The Amazing Spiderman – When I was right and wrong

I made a lot of predictions in the days leading up to the release of The Amazing Spiderman 2. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong. I like to acknowledge when I was wrong and I like to brag profusely where I was right. I write this assuming my readers have seen the movie this past weekend, so consider this a spoiler alert. So here were my predictions!

Gwen Kicks the Bucket


Gwen dies in the final battle of the Amazing Spiderman 2.

Peter Whines About His Parents


Peter did spend a good portion of time complaining about his parents.

Peter Won’t Get Any Answers


Peter actually did find out a lot more about his parents, which I did not see coming.

Sinister Six Setup


Yes, the end of the Amazing Spiderman did see some heavy setup for the Sinister Six. My personal favorite line, “I want to keep it small.”

Rhino Is Barely in it


Yes, Rhino was in it for less than ten minutes. It was less clumsy than I thought it would be, however.

Electro Does Not Have A Fluid Transition


The movie didn’t make much of an attempt to provide a clear transition between nerdy Max and villainous Electro.

Green Goblin Proves to Be Primary Villain


Electro turns out to be more of a henchman that the chief villain of the movie. Green Goblin was the big one.

Overcrowded by Villains


The movie was not Spiderman 3 in its reliance on too many villains. There were faults in the movie, but I did not feel like villain overload was one of them.

Well of the eight predictions, I got six correct, which is not an entirely sinister score. I predicted, and time has told. At least I got a passing grade.


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