Gwen Stacy – AS2

Warning. Spoilers will follow.


Well, they did it. They killed her. The Amazing Spiderman pulled the trigger on Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, snapping her neck and smacking her head for good measure.

As most know, Gwen died in virtually the same way in the comics. Green Goblin (this one was the Norman Osborn, however) drops her and Spiderman webs her to save her, in the process snapping her neck.

The movie did a pretty good job replicating this. It was Goblin who dropped her and Peter’s own web that killed her. As he held her, trying to wake her, I half expected Sony to chicken out and have her wake up, but they didn’t. So I am glad for that.

You have to hand it to Sony, this was not an easy move. Gwen Stacy was something of a golden goose for the movies. The fanboys love Emma Stone and they adored her in the Amazing Spiderman. Now, she won’t be the leading lady for any more Spiderman movies. It was a gutsy move.

Also, it set up well for the Goblin. The Amazing Spiderman series has definitely been preserving some villains. The lizard is trapped in a cell. Electro could very well reappear. Goblin is also in a cell. Rhino is probably soon to follow. By having the Green Goblin do the dirty work with Gwen, we have a definite primary villain among five other sinister ones.


As opposed to the Sam Raimi trilogy, where there was no primary villain, but only villains every movie, the new trilogy is setting up well for the Green Goblin to be the threat he was always intended to be.

Gwen’s death ended the fan favorite Gwen Stacy, but it did set up a rather sinister villain. If they will continue to build that, only time will tell.


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