The Amazing Spiderman 2 – What to Expect

The sequel to the reboot of the trilogy of Spiderman movies comes out this Thursday night. As we approach the premiere, what exactly can we expect from the upcoming movie?

Electro Will Be An Angry Nerd-Turned-Supervillain


Jamie Foxx plays Max Dillon. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, he apparently idolizes Spiderman in nerd status, and very angry when he turns blue. I will be honest and say that I don’t expect a very fluid transition between the two.

Rhino Has Endangered-Level Screen Time


Rhino, cast by my personal favorite Paul Giomatti, has been confirmed for the Amazing Spiderman 2 – for all of four minutes. No joke, four minutes. So it will be a very cool scene before Rhino will be conveniently written off-screen until time for the Sinister Six.

Goblin Will Steal the Screen


Dane Dehaan, another personal favorite of mine, will be the new, creepy Goblin. Although Electro was supposed to be the main villain of the movie, we have been seeing increasingly more of the Green Goblin in the trailers. I expect that Goblin will be the primary villain of the movie.

Peter Will Whine More About His Parents


The trailers have shown us more of Peter’s quest to find his parents, continuing the plot that I almost succeeded in forgetting about from the first movie. He won’t get answers, but he’ll take a good chunk of screen time searching for them anyways.

We Will See A Lot of Sinister Six Setup


The Sinister Six is coming up. I’m actually pretty excited about that. Still, it means we’ll have to sit through a lot of setup.

Name Drops Galore

Alistair Smythe, Black Cat, and possibly vulture have been named in this movie already. Expect many more random character name drops. Sony really wants to build a universe for Spiderman, which is fine, but expect it to expand rapidly.

Gwen’s Arc Follows the Comics


SPOILER ALERT: Gwen’s gonna bite the dust. She’s been seen wearing the same outfit as when she died in the comics. We’ve known she was gonna die. I would be very surprised if we did not see Gwen dead and buried.



Stay after the credits for a scene from… X-men? I can’t explain why, but it’s a thing. So stick around.

So this my predictions for what to expect this coming weekend. I will see the movie on Saturday and have a review up by Saturday night. Expect many posts next week on the little things from the movie.

As usual, only time will tell.



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