Marvel vs DC on Screen


Marvel movies have rocked. Disney has hit the Avengers franchise out of the park, constructing a universe completely unlike anything else in recent cinema memory. This has been the result of years of planning and making movies. They have emphasized movies and forgotten about the TV area.

For the record, this is the first time I have acknowledged DC on this blog, only because this is supposed to be a Marvel Movie Blog. For the sake of comparison, now let’s look at DC. DC had the Dark Knight film series and little else. Man of Steel was good, but over-hyped. Moving forward (say what you will about Batfleck), we are looking at a rushed universe and an underdeveloped Justice League movie. So does that just mean that Marvel wins?


DC has something that Marvel doesn’t: Television. Yes, Marvel has Agents of SHIELD, but honestly not many people watch it anymore. The first half of the season was lackluster and, although the second half is better, plenty of people are not willing to catch up. DC, however, has a flourishing Green Arrow TV show and a new Flash TV show on the launchpad. They’ve also had the unstoppable Smallville, running for ten seasons. This makes Smallville the longest running superhero TV show in history.

All that to say, Marvel fans are often fond of saying that Marvel is “winning” on the big screen. Yes, in film Marvel is greatly surpassing DC. DC has something that Marvel doesn’t, however. They get to see their characters on screen every week. We wait months and get maybe four movies per year. That’s a big deal for us. But DC gets to sit on their couch every week and see the Green Arrow or Flash.

Neither is winning, exactly, but Marvel and DC currently occupy separate domains. They’re each flourishing in those domains. DC still makes movies and Marvel still makes TV shows (show me a petition to bring back Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and I will sign it). Neither is going anywhere and maybe they’ll break into the other domains. Only time will tell.


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