X-men: A New Timeline


The X-men movies have made mistakes. For example, Jean Grey, Cyclops’ death, Xavier’s death, Magento depowered, Kelsey Grammar’s Beast, Deadpool, Gambit’s minimal screentime, Origins Wolverine in general…. you get the idea. Despite all this, the movies have produced a few excellent movies and characters.

And now, we have the culmination of everything in Days of Future Past, bringing in most of the X-men we have seen.

The Theory

But where do we go from here? Sure, we have X-men: Age of Apocalypse on the horizon, but how will that fit into the universe we already have? My theory: We’re about to enter a new “timeline”.

The events of Days of Future Past take place within time travel and attempts to change the future. Interestingly, the comic arc the movie is based on was trying to change the future by saving the life of Robert Kelly, who was featured and killed in X-men. By changing this event, the entire universe was altered for mutants.

When the X-men change the future and prevent the “future” of DoFP, I think they will create a new timeline. The reboot movies will no longer be origin movies, but existing within a separate movie universe.

Why does this matter?

The Implications

1. Retry old flops. In a separate universe, not bound by the events of movies already made, someone could come along and say, “Because things happened differently, the abomination that was Deadpool never actually happened.” In this new universe, such a character could be given a fresh start.

2. No one is safe. No character needs to survive the movie only because they were featured in a “later” movie. Especially with a villain as big as Apocalypse, there needs to be a fear that some of our favorites will get offed.

3. Wolverine gets a smooth exit. Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for a decade and a half. And he’s done. Combined with a third wolverine movie (which is in the works), we will see a smooth transition of Wolverine out of the X-men universe.

There are others, but here are the ones that come to mind most immediately to me.

What do you think? Will they begin a new timeline? Only time will tell.


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