Nathan Fillion in Marvel? As who?


You have to give it to Marvel. They know how to attract and build talent. Robert Downey Junior’s career was completely revived by Iron Man. Robert Redford is a legendary actor, attracted to a comic book movie. And if Marvel never existed, neither would Chris Evans’ career.

So is it any wonder that Nathan Fillion is teasing us with an appearance?

The actor, known for his work in Firefly and Castle, dropped a hint this week that he has been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked if he would want to work with Marvel, he said, ““Wanting to get a part? Or maybe…did. I’m just saying maybe. Maybe you’ll be surprised. Maybe, check the credits.”

The movie he was referring to was Guardians of the Galaxy. So does this mean that we’ll see the actor appear in the mid-credits scenes of the Guardians of the Galaxy? If so, as who?

Personally, I was one of many suggesting Fillion’s name for Hank Pym in the early days of the Ant-Man news. That roll went to Michael Douglas, however, with Paul Rudd playing the younger lead. So what other character?

As you probably guessed, I have a couple theories.

Stephen Strange

Stephen Strange Phase Three Doctor Strange Stephen Dorff

With a recent name drop having already taken place, the stage is set perfectly for Dr. Strange to appear on screen. What better way to have such a magical and out-there character brought to screen than having an actor that is beloved of virtually every nerd on Earth (myself included!)? It’s a definite possibility, especially with the movie already “in development”.



Okay, for those of you who know this website, you know that I adore the character of Nova. The Nova Corps will also be featured heavily in Guardians of the Galaxy. (my previous article on Nova Corps: With the heavily featured Nova Corps, the stage is set for a movie featuring Richard Rider. Personally, I think Nathan Fillion would be perfect for such a roll.

What do you think? Will Nathan Fillion be either of these characters? Someone else? Can his word be trusted at all? Comment, but only time will tell.


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