Winter Soldier – Ultron?

Spoilers shall follow.


One of the easter eggs I expected from Winter Soldier was some connection to Ultron, the principle villain of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. In phase 1, Loki had an entire movie to be introduced and developed before making his debut in the Avengers. I expected at least a name drop in Winter Soldier, as I severely doubt Ultron will be in Guardians of the Galaxy.

For those who saw the movie, we know that no such name drop occurred. In fact, there was every name drop BUT Ultron. So where will the villain come from for the second Avengers movie?


I think we saw the makings of Ultron in none other than Arnim Zola. Yeah, that Divergent-like brain in the computers in the basement. His “algorithm” was a large part of Winter Soldier, as it determined who was chosen to die for the “sake of the human race”. This algorithm was not destroyed with Zola, but was uploading from the satellites to the three helicarriers produced by SHIELD.

If it was originated from Satellites and not from the Helicarriers, it still exists as a downloadable program. I have no evidence for this theory, but I believe this program will be the makings of Ultron.

I still maintain that Tony Stark will have some hand in the creation of Ultron, as evidenced by the casting of Jarvis as Vision, but the algorithm will also play a part of the villain’s creation.

As with most fan theories, only time will tell.

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