Winter Soldier – When I was right and wrong

I made a lot of predictions in the days leading up to the release of Captain America 2. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong. I like to acknowledge when I was wrong and I like to brag profusely where I was right. I write this assuming my readers have seen the movie this past weekend, so consider this a spoiler alert. So here were my predictions!

Post-credits Baron von Strucker and the “twins”


Baron von Strucker, Scarlett Witch, and Quicksilver did in fact appear in the post credits.

Post-Credits Ultron


Ultron did not make an appearance in the second post-credit sequence.

Alexander pierce was the Red Skull


Although a leader of Hydra, he was not actually the Red Skull.

The death in Captain America was Sitwell


The death in Captain America was Nick Fury, although he did return to life. I called Nick not dying, but I falsely predicted Sitwell as dead.


Falcon’s Changed Backstory


Falcon was not a criminal, as in the comics. Nor did he have a telepathic falcon with him. Called it.

Crossbones transition to villain in movie


Crossbones did indeed work for SHIELD and became a villain in the movie.

How Bucky Survived


Probably my favorite of my correct predictions, Bucky did indeed survive because of the experiments done on him in the first movie.

Well, there we have it. I made seven predictions regarding the movie. Four of them turned out to be correct. Three were wrong. Hey, I have over 50% correct, at least.


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