Captain America: Winter Soldier – Easter Eggs

Marvel loves its Easter Eggs. Every Marvel Movie references other movies or, more often, little things from the comics. Captain America: Winter Soldier is no different. So here are the initial Easter Eggs from Captain America 2. Spoilers, by the way.

Batroc The Leaper


Batroc the Leaper was a long-time villain of many heroes, Captain America included. He was introduced as the first “bad guy” not to be shield-bashed within three seconds. He did his fair share of leaping and was good to see on the big screen.



I’m not just talking about the reappearance of the German—errr—-Swedish Scientist from the first movie who meat “disagreed with”. That much was a given. I’m talking about the form he took. Take a look at the image above. This is Arnim Zola from the comics. His form in the basement of the SHIELD complex was SPOT-ON. It was… so beautiful….

Stephen Strange


Threats to Hydra include STEPHEN FREAKING STRANGE. The namedrop was simply fantastic. With a Dr. Strange movie “in development”, we’ll undoubtedly build on this little Easter Egg soon, but it was great to hear.


Yeah, he got a name drop in a few sequences. There was a reference to his “up close and personal” experience with the Helicarrier. He was listed as a threat to Hydra. But more specifically, I want to address the fact that he was in New York. Traditionally, he’s an East Coast guy. Maybe with his lack of a Malibu mansion, he decided to live in the Big Apple for a few. Some have suggested, interestingly, that he was in New York working on a New Avengers tower. Not confirmed, but I like the idea.



Brock Rumlow may not mean much to most people, but the movie did a great job setting the character up. As the first villain on sight to most Captain America sightings, he seemed like a glorified henchman. The end disproved this, naturally. Not only was his costume straps across his chest (much like his costume in the comics was bones across his chest), we saw him burned…but alive. Will this lead to him wearing the mask? Either way, the character was well done and I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Fury’s Gravestone

On Nick Fury’s gravestone, we see a verse. Ezekiel 25:17. Sound familiar at all? This is none other than the verse from Pulp Fiction, rehearsed by Jules just before he blows away his victims. Although Tarantino says it was basically just stuff that he and Samuel L. Jackson made up, the verse was a nice reference to Samuel L. Jackson’s extensive career.



The second big name drop in the movie was Sharon. This is none other than Sharon Carter, Captain America’s primary love interest in the comics. In the comics, this is the same Carter family that Cap locked lips with in WW2. We saw her first as the laundry girl, before seeing her tumble against Brock Rumlow.

Post Credits

Okay, it’s sort of a given that the post-credits scene will be considered an Easter Egg. But I have to address it nonetheless. Our first looks at Baron Von Strucker, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. All of which were brief, but exciting. Also, Loki’s “glowstick of destiny”. Wow.

Ed Brubaker


The name may not mean much to most, but this man is the one who is responsible for resurrecting the Winter Soldier in the comics. He had a brief cameo as one of the scientists who rebrainwashed Bucky after the street fight scene.

Stan Lee


We knew it was coming. It always does. We always love it when it happens. Fantastic.

Well that’s what I could find, using both my first viewing and a quick scour of the internet. Comment if you have any more and I’m sure more will surface. How many more could there be? Only time will tell.


One response to “Captain America: Winter Soldier – Easter Eggs

  1. Hills was seen interviewing in Stark enterprises in the end of the movie, what do you think that will lead to, especially with Age of Ultron coming up & the speculation that Ultron will originate in an Iron Man project?

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