Captain America: Winter Soldier Review (spoiler free)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was quite possibly the best Marvel Movie I’ve ever seen.



Picking up where the Avengers left off, we see Captain America attempting to adjust in this new world, having left the 1940’s behind. As SHIELD prepares for Operation Insight, a new project aimed towards bringing bring across the world, Steve Rodgers begins to wonder if SHIELD’s ends truly do justify its means. Through the course of the film, we see new friends and enemies, as well as old.

For the most part, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had basic plots. “Good guy emerges, bad guy emerges, occasional skirmishes, big finale.” Captain America breaks this pattern. The focus is not on the villain, but on the organizations within the film itself. This provides a very different dynamic from the other films we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Captain America: The First Avenger received nothing if not mixed reviews. Some loved it, some hated it. As for myself, I never claim it’s a great movie, but I always insist it’s a fun one. This movie is not the same. You do not need to enjoy the first movie to enjoy the second. The entire atmosphere of the movie is notably different.

That being said, the movie does not forget its origins. We see references to the first movie on more than one occasion, even revisiting some old locations. The movie does not forget its origin.

Looking forward, this is bound to be the most important movie in Marvel’s Phase 2. The end of the movie sees one of the greatest shifts in the MCU, with events as game-changing as the Battle of New York (from the Avengers). The movie is bold in the direction it takes the MCU, and it works.

Comic Loyalty


Not only is the movie fun to those who are not familiar with the comics, but it remains true to the source material. Falcon was incredibly adapted. The Winter Soldier storyline was both believable and true to the comics. The movie’s treatment of SHIELD was beautiful. There were name drops of familiar characters, both from the comics and from the previous MCU. Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow was amazing.

It was one of the truest comic adaptations I have ever seen, but that did not limit its audience to those familiar with the comics.


The dynamic between Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans was awesome. The movie was often funny, although remained focused seriously. Certain scenes were jaw-dropping just on a visual level.

The film has proved Marvel’s mastery of duel genres. It is not just a super hero movie. It is also an espionage thriller.


The movie was incredible. It was the best Marvel movie I have ever seen, both in doing honor the comics and as a stand-alone film. Marvel truly has outdone itself. If you only see one movie from Phase 2, see this one. As time has told, the movie is incredible.



One response to “Captain America: Winter Soldier Review (spoiler free)

  1. I already liked the first one, I guess mostly because I expected to hate it. Captain America is a very problematic property from a German perspective…it did start out as propaganda, after all, and accepting the past of your own country does not mean to be automatically okay with being vilified in the manner the early comics did. I admit, Captain America won me over with one single phrase, and that was when it pointed out that the first country the Nazi’s overtook was their own. It was such a simple detail, but it made all the difference for me. I also liked the more critical eye on war in general, and on them actually showing the difference between propaganda and reality.

    The second one was even better, and I agree, it is the best movie of the franchise yet. You can easily see some really important questions addressed in their, which are relevant for real life, too: If we allow an organisation to spy on us in the name of safety, skirting around the law, who does control the organisation in question?

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