DC / Marvel Crossover Planned for 2020


In one of the biggest bombshell announcements in recent film news, representatives from both Marvel and DC have confirmed a Justice League vs Avengers movie scheduled for 2020. This will take place in place of Avengers 3 and two years after the Justice League movie. The movie will be roughly based on the JLA/Avengers story arc from 2003-2004.

Although the news is very speculative at the moment, it expected that we will see match-ups between Thor and Superman, Quicksilver and Flash, and Iron Man and Batman. Kevin Fiege told Entertainment Weekly, “This movie will essentially be two live-action movies merged into one. We are expecting a run-time close to three and a half hours long to ensure maximum screen time for all characters.”

Fiege confirmed the return of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow. Also, Eric Bana is reportedly in talks to reprise his roll as Bruce Banner. Sam Rockwell has been rumored to return as Justin Hammer.

On DC’s side, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will reprise their rolls as Superman and Batman. Entertainment Weekly reports that Will Smith is in talks to appear as Cyborg. This move has had mixed reactions from fans, who claim the actor is too old to play the character. Fans of Smith say that heavy use of CGI and clips from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will more than suffice for allowing the actor to portray the younger character.

For a villain, DC Representative Sloof Lirpa has announced that Darkseid and Thanos will both share the screen, teaming up against the two superpowered team members.

Will the movie live up to all of our expectations as fans? Only time will tell.


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