Alexandier Pierce – The (few) Facts and the Theory

ImageWith Captain America: The Winter Soldier only a matter of weeks away, there is one thing I realize I have not yet addressed: Mr. Alexander Pierce. Played by cinematic veteran Robert Redford, very little is known about this man. Much more, however, is speculated about the man.

The Facts

This character is not new. First debuting in 1988, he has been fighting alongside SHIELD for a very long time. He is a higher-up executive in SHIELD. Aside from advanced hand-to-hand combat skills, he exhibits no “super” powers.

The character in the comics has his own history, but it’s strange that virtually no information about his character in the movies has been released. For all intents and purposes, the “facts” end here. This has led to a lot of speculation, naturally.

The Theory (spoilers)

Cap 2 has been widely regarded as a political movie as much as a superhero movie. Although many roll their eyes at the idea, I would quickly point out that Marvel has excelled at not just making Superhero movies, but Superhero+ movies. For example, Captain America: The First Avenger was not just a superhero movie, but a war movie. The Incredible Hulk was not just a superhero movie, but a fugitive movie, much like the Bourne series. So naturally, in this espionage-oriented movie, it’s logical to assume not everything is what it looks like.

If there’s one thing guaranteed with a superhero movie, it’s the accompanying toy line. Often, such toy lines can even lead to spoilers. For example, in the Captain America 2 toy line, there is a toy for the Red Skull. The Skull, formerly played by Hugo Weaving, has not been listed as among the cast characters in the film. Is it just a nod to the previous movie?

Further evidence exists in the soundtrack released on a few weeks ago. It has since been taken down, but the product contained a list of the music in the movie. One of the songs, midway through the list, was titled, “Alexander Pierce is the Red Skull”. The song itself is only three seconds long, indicating it is more of a quick series of notes, like a musical cue. It seems odd that such a spoiler would be listed as a song title, but the fact that it was so quickly removed from Amazon lends credibility.

Take a look briefly at the two other movies in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 had rather large twists regarding their villains (don’t get me started on the Mandarin…), so this would not be out of place with its movie counterparts.

Also, there is a background of this in the comics. The Red Skull has often disguised himself as high-ranking officials in order to try to regain the power Captain America so often robs him of.

Normally, I’m rather skeptical when it comes to movie “news” and spoilers. I tend to only post the ones that are credible and filter out the rest. This one is not for sure, but I do believe it’s credible. As always, only time will tell.


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