Death in Captain America


In the most recent trailer for Captain America, the above image was shown. This led fanboys across the nation to freak out and begin theorizing who is “under the sheet”. The following are the four primary theories of which characters kick the bucket. Spoilers may follow.

Nick Fury


We have been given the image of Nick Fury in a car being approached by the Winter Soldier. We have Black Widow being extremely torn up about this person’s death. We have a body that looks a little bit like a bald man. It’s possible. But…

Samuel L Jackson has not used up his contract yet. He still has more marvel movies remaining. Also, we see a bashed and battered Nick Fury later in the trailer, possibly indicating he survived the road attack.

It’s possible, but I say nay.

The Falcon


We see someone who looks a little like Falcon in surgery. We see Falcon getting grounded by the Winter Soldier. Once again, we see a possibly bald man under the covers. But…

Anthony Mackie has signed on for multiple movies. He also just got introduced this movie. Would they introduce him and then immediately kill him? Also, Black Widow is the one who seems most torn up about this particular death. If it were Falcon, wouldn’t it be Captain America is tears?

I don’t think so.

Winter Soldier


The villain of the story, it’s possible he will die. There’s not a whole lot of evidence to suggest this, but there certainly is evidence against…

(For anyone who doesn’t know the origin of Winter Soldier, stop reading NOW) The Winter Soldier is none other that Captain America’s old sidekick, Bucky Barnes. So why would it be Black Widow torn up about his death (and for the comic fans, I doubt they’ll go with the whole Black Widow – Winter Soldier romance story)? Also, Cap and Falcon are seen in a graveyard just before leaping into action, so it’s unlikely that the antagonist would die before the end of the action. Of course, we should also take note of Captain America’s lack of sobbing. If it were Bucky, he would be in more pain.

Agent Stillwell


Many of you just said, “Wait, who?” The character has flown under the radar for many, as he has not yet actually appeared in a movie. He has appeared in a couple of the short movies attached to Phase 1. He has also appeared on Agents of Shield. He’s bald, knows Black Widow better than he knows Captain America (so she would be more in tears), and frankly the MCU would progress right along without him. Not many fans would care, but nobody said they had to.

Personally, I put my money on him not making it to the end of the film.

Rewatch the trailer and let me know who you think it is. Captain America 2 hits theaters April 4th. In the mean time, only time will tell.


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