Fantastic Four Casting

For those of you who haven’t heard, in the ever persistent battle for maintaining the rights to Marvel Characters, Fox is rebooting the Fantastic Four. This has been old news, but this week we finally receiving the official casting for the reboot. So, without further adieu:


Mr. Fantastic – Miles Teller

The roll of the Reed Richards, the leader of the FF, goes to Miles Teller. Teller has been in movies such as The Spectacular Now and Project X, as well as a bunch of others I have never heard of before.  I have no knowledge of his acting abilities, but it is especially interesting to note how young he is. This is confirmation of the rumor that the movie will tell of a very young Fantastic Four, as opposed to the 2005 movie. As for Teller, we shall see just how flexible his acting can be.


The Invisible Girl – Kate Mara

The principle superpowered love interest goes to Kate Mara, known for movies such as 127 Hours and We Are Marshall. This will be Mara’s second Marvel movie, after her brief roll in Iron Man 2 as one of the few women that Tony Stark did not sleep with. She served him a subpoena and promptly disappeared from the movie. One might say she was turned invisible.


The Thing – Jamie Bell

Actually the actor that I know the best, Jamie Bell has played in King Kong, Adventures of Tin-Tin, Jumper, and Defiance. I have appreciated him in just about everything I have seen him in. Personally, I think he rocks. I will be very excited to see him as a giant, orange stone.


The Human Torch – Michael B Jordan

If you haven’t seen Chronicle, drop whatever you’re doing, go to your nearest red-box, blockbuster, or any place that sells movies and watch it. Michael B Jordan (the B does NOT stand for Basketball) proved himself a solid, fun actor. His roll in Chronicle is practically that of Johnny Storm, and he’s on fire with it. On a recent movie website, I was verbally assaulted for pointing out that he’s a different race than his sister (to quote, “Just because someone’s not blood related, doesn’t mean they’re not siblings”). Undoubtedly, they will say that she’s his step-sister or something similar. I just think it’s an interesting choice for Marvel’s first family.


So there we have it! The official casting for the Fantastic Four Reboot. So much is left unknown at this point in time, such as how they get abilities, who the villain will be, and even the strange rumor that Dr. Doom will be a woman. As usual, only time will tell.


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