The Collector – Who is he?


Real Name: Taneleer Tivan

Affiliations: Elders of the Universe

Powers: Immortality



The Collector is one of the Elders of the Universe, a group of individuals who are older than anything else in the Universe. They each have different specifications of interests, such as the Grandmaster likes to set up games and bet on them. As his name suggests, the Collector specifies on collecting important objects from across the Universe.

The Collector had a vision earlier in his life, the Collector had a vision that the Universe would be destroyed by powerful beings. In order to prevent this, The Collector embraced his idea of collecting powerful objects to prevent this. He has had various run-ins throughout the last fifty years of Marvel Comics.



Benicio Del Toro took over the roll of Collector in the post-credits scene of Thor 2. It’s obvious from the scene that his appearance remains decently true to the comics, as does his obsession for hording. It’s unclear if he will still be an Elder of the Universe, or if the MCU will abandon this idea has a whole. With his appearance again confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ll doubtlessly understand more of the MCU’s take on the character.

Is he still immortal? Will other Elders appear on screen? Only time will tell.


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