Ronan The Accuser – Who Is He?

ImageName: Ronan

Affiliations: The Kree, The Accusers

Superpowers: Concussive energy bolts, matter disintegration, force field generation.



In the Comics, Ronan is a member of the Accuser Corps, essentially the cops, judge, jury, and executioners of the Kree Empire. The Kree are among the more violent of the Marvel Universe, and their conflict with the Skrulls helped shaped the Marvel Universe as we know it. Ronan weilded the “Universal Weapon”, a large hammer that does just about anything he needs it to do.

During one of the more dangerous moments in Marvel history, Ronan took advantage of the confusion and killed the leader of the Kree, taking the empire into his own hands.



Ronan the Accuser is set to be the main villain of Guardians of the Galaxy in July. It’s incredibly unclear how the character will be portrayed, although all the cast members have agreed that he’s completely insane and dangerous. He is to be played by Lee Pace, otherwise seen in the Twilight series and the Hobbit movies.

Does his inclusion mean we will be seeing more of the Kree (and, in turn, the Skrulls)? How true to the comics will this incarnation be? Only time will tell.


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