Infinity Stones

ImageFor anyone who has been familiar with Marvel Movies, it’s a given that you stay after the credits. For those who stayed after Thor 2’s credits, we saw The Collector mention a plan for gathering together the Infinity Stones. So let’s take a look at the Infinity Stones in the comics, the Infinity Stones already identified in the MCU, and where some other stones might come up.


In the comics, the Infinity Gems (note: Gems from comics, stones from movies) were six different stones that basically controlled different aspects of reality. When fused together, such as with the Infinity Gauntlet, they made the user omnipotent, capable of complete and total power.

In the comics, they were categorized. Different colors did different things.


Confirmed Stones

We have confirmed that the Tesseract from Captain America and The Avengers is an Infinity Stone. It’s tempting to try to say that the Tesseract is the space stone (because of its ability to teleport Loki) or power (because of the focus on energy production in the Avengers).

We also have seen the Aether in Thor 2. It’s tempting to say it’s… well… we really have no idea. The whole infinite death thing really doesn’t fit with any of them from the comics.

But Kevin Feige, the head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has steered us away from thinking in terms of direct comic cross-over. His comments make it unlikely that we’ll be able to have these six stones cross-over.


One more stone we’ll be for sure seeing soon is called the Orb. We don’t really know anything for sure about it, other than Ronan the Accuser desperately wants it. Also, the Collector is returning for Guardians, so he’ll probably want to get his hands on it too.

Casket of Ancient Winters


Remember the blue box that made everything really cold in the first Thor movie? On my way out of Thor: The Dark World, I thought for sure that it would turn out to be an Infinity Stone. My friend pointed something out, however: It’s supposed to be in Odin’s vault right now. So is the Tesseract. As we were told in the Thor: The Dark World, it’s unwise to have two Infinity Stones in the same place. Plus, having both Infinity Stones glowing blue light in the same room would be a little harsh on the eyes.

Unless the Casket has been moved, it’s probably not an Infinity Stone, which I think is a shame. It would have fit pretty perfectly.


There are still three stones unaccounted for. Where will they show up? I have a few ideas. (just speculation)

Avengers 2 – Without something to connect it to the other Marvel movies, it will seem somewhat random. If Ultron gets his hand on an Infinity Stone, however, suddenly it seems to fit a little more with the other movies in moving forward the entire MCU. I have no evidence, but I think it makes sense.

Thor 3 – It’s going to happen. With (Thor 2 spoilers) Loki on the throne, it’s a sure bet that we will return to Asgard. The past two Thor movies have had majorly powerful items involved. It seems to fit well that we’ll see another.


Dr. Strange – Kevin Feige has confirmed that a Dr. Strange movie is on the way. Much like Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, non-comic people think that Dr. Strange just sounds stupid by the name alone. In short, Strange is the go-to guy for everything Magic-related in the Marvel Universe. I realize this hasn’t really made him sound less lame, but you have to take my word on it. He’s pretty BA. In this magic-related story, a super-powered item might fit perfectly. It depends on the story.


So we’ve taken a look at the stone from the comics, the stones that have been confirmed, and a few possibilities for future stones. As is true whenever we speculate so far into the future, only time will tell.


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