The Vision Cast For Age of Ultron


Today, it was announced that Paul Bettany, previously known as the voice of JARVIS in all three Iron Man movies and the Avengers, has been cast as the VISION in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Note: This news is not backed by Marvel in any way, but is more of a leak. The widespread nature of the leak lends to its credibility.

Probable spoilers follow for any unfamiliar with the comics.



The Vision is created by Ultron as a “herald” of sorts (whenever a Marvel villain has a herald, it’s destined to turn against his master). After doing Ultron’s will for a while, he rebels against his master and defeats him. He then joins the Avengers for a very long time.

Paul Bettany???

A few months ago, I would have bet my mother’s soul against the devil that Vin Diesel was going to be playing The Vision. Turns out, he is going to be Groot in Guardians. Whedon then came out and said that The Vision was not a part of his plan. Thanks for this little bit of shell-shock, Mr. Whedon.

But Paul Bettany??? The man has outright spoken against Marvel and Marvel movies. Now, he’s being cast in a full-body roll? Wow. Some turnaround… and a risky decision for Marvel. Then again, this is the Marvel who built their entire MCU on this man:


Implications for JARVIS

So what does this mean for JARVIS? In my previous article about the possibilities surrounding Ultron, I mentioned that many people believed JARVIS would become Ultron. I think this backs my theory that Stark builds Ulton, however. Ultron will simply turn around and build something similar to his maker’s invention.

But this definitely puts things in a different light for Avengers: Age of Ultron. The inclusion of Ultron indicates that they are, in fact, remaining true to the comics, despite the altered origin.

There’s more to process, including the implications for Scarlett Witch and Vision (who shared a romance in the comics) and for the movie as a whole.

As usual, only time will tell.

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