Ant-Man – What We Know


Most people who consider themselves fans of Marvel Comics have been waiting for an Ant-man movie for years. Most people who don’t wonder what sort of lame superhero has an ant for his emblem. Like it or, Ant-Man is the first movie in Marvel’s Phase 3, the period of time between Avengers 2 and 3.

So who is Ant-man? What does he do? And what do we know about this upcoming movie.


Hank Pym is one of the most influential characters in Marvel. He was one of the original founding members of the Avengers in 1963, preceding even Captain America on the team. He is the discoverer of Pym Particles, a particle that allows him to shrink or grow at will, using his suit. His girlfriend (and later, wife) The Wasp was also a founding Avenger. In fact, it was The Wasp who came up with the name “The Avengers” in the first place.

Pym has always been a pacifist, which put him at odds with the Avengers’ way of fighting crime on more than one occasion. Later, Pym suffered psychiatric problems and grew a violent streak, but he is mostly known as a hero (except for that whole creating Ultron thing… that was an accident).

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang


Despite the previous two paragraphs about Hank Pym, the 2015 movie will not focus on Pym as much as the second Ant-man, Scott Lang. Scott was a janitor whose daughter grew ill. In order to get money to save her, Scott stole Pym’s suit and robbed banks with it. We have confirmed that Paul Rudd, the lead character, will play Scott Lang. But that doesn’t mean Pym has been forgotten.

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym


Acting legend MIchael Douglas has signed on for Ant-man as Hank Pym, the original Ant-man. A much older actor, this will add an introducing dynamic to the film. What back story will they give Pym? How much from the comics will they change?

The Wasp

No official confirmation has arrived from Marvel that Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp, will be in the movie. Frankly, I have absolutely no doubt that she will be in it. There have been casting rumors the past couple of days, implicating Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) in the roll of The Wasp. If this is true, we are looking at a Wasp who will likely not be the love interest of Hank Pym.

Rumors have circulated that The Wasp will be Pym’s daughter and Scott’s love interest. It’s not the same as the comics, which many fanboys will resent, but frankly I appreciate it.

MCU As a Whole

Every Marvel movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has related to each other in some way. Nothing exists on its own. Therefore, it is logical to assume that Ant-man will connect in some way or another to the movies around it. Of course, we’re looking at almost a year and a half ahead, so it’s impossible to guess what this connection will be, but interestingly, there have already been connections.


Think back to Thor for a moment. Halfway through the film, Jane, Selvig, and Darcy have been raided by SHIELD. Selvig makes a comment, “I know a colleague whose had connections with these people before”. Kevin Feige confirmed that this was a reference to Hank Pym. He even said, “The words we took out (from the original script) were ‘Hank Pym’.”


Not only this, but think back to Captain America. At the science convention in New York, just before we see Howard Stark for the first time, we get the above image. This is pretty darn close to the original Ant-man costume, although many people say it looks more like the original Human Torch.

These could be Easter Eggs, much like Marvel likes to do virtually every movie, but these could help along the introduction of Ant-man.

It’s A Long Ways Away

We have until July of next year until the movie comes out. Between that time, we have three more MCU movies. Admittedly, we don’t know much. We don’t know the villain. We don’t know the connections. We’re not really sure of much at all. As it gets closer, we’ll know more for sure. As always, only time will tell.


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