BJ Novak – His roll announced?

In a world where most movie news his hinted at on twitter before being announced officially, it’s never for sure who plays who in secretive rolls. When Vin Deisel was being considered for a marvel roll, I would have bet my left kidney that he was going to be cast as the Vision in Age of Ultron. Turns out, he is Groot.


BJ Novak, known mostly for the Office, has been cast in the Amazing Spiderman 2, although no one really knows as who. Although not an official announcement, director Marc Webb named BJ as…

Spoilers may follow for the rest of this article.

…Alistair Smythe. To many unfamiliar with Spiderman, you may be scratching your heads, wondering who the flying flip Alistair Smythe is. That’s fine. That’s why there’s people like me.


Alistair Smythe most known for the Spider-Slayer robots. These robots were designed to track, hunt, and kill Spiderman, as the name sort of implies. Alistair’s father invented the robots originally, but died as a result of his work. Alistair blamed Spiderman and took up his father’s mantle. Confined to a wheelchair for most of Alistair’s life, he eventually gained the use of his legs when he transformed himself into the “ultimate spider-slayer”.

There’s more in his history, but that’s why there’s Wikipedia.

Interestingly, BJ Novak’s character appears to be able to use his legs at this point in time. It’s unclear if he hates Spiderman just yet, if he will create the Spider-Slayers in this movie or another, or even if that’s his destiny at all for these movies.

Of course, in two weeks we could receive news that BJ Novak is actually playing another character, perhaps even unknown from the comics. Only time will tell.


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