Falcoln – Who Is He?


Basic Facts

Name: Sam “Snap” Wilson

Affiliations: Avengers

Superpowers: Jet-powered glider wings, telepathy with pet falcoln


Sam “Snap” Wilson was originally a criminal, the course of which led him to a crash-landing on Exile Island, where he met the Red Skull. The Skull gave him several superpowers, including a telepathic connection to his trained falcon, Redwing. After helping Captain America defeat the Red Skull, Sam joined in a partnership with Cap, becoming his sidekick. Black Panther, Prince of Wauconda, gave him jet-powered wings. He joined the Avengers. He was also the first African American superhero.



Falcoln has not been seen on the big screen yet, but his film debut will be in Captain America: Winter Soldier. It appears that his backstory has been radically changed to a former Air Force Officer. I doubt that we will see Redwing, or his criminal backstory. His red wings have also given way to metal wings. His backstory and appearance have changed, but I trust Anthony Mackie to give a good representation of the winged Avenger.


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