Sinister Six Possibilities


Sony has confirmed that The Sinister Six will face off against Spiderman in future movies. The big question comes now of who these six villains will be. So, without further adieu, the possibilities:

The Lizard


I don’t think it’s an accident that the Lizard remains alive at the end of the movie. Although in the comics, Dr. Connors refused the request to join the Sinister Six, due to the fact that Dr. Connors had no problem for Spiderman, I think that the movies will include the Lizard on the roster. Spiderman interrupted the Lizard’s plan. Like Jekyll and Hyde, the Lizard will have a different personality, and a severe bone to pick against Spidey.



The chief villain of the upcoming Spiderman movie, Electro is not only an original Sinister Six villain, but the obvious choice for inclusion into the Sinister Six. I predict that at the end of the Amazing Spiderman 2, we will see Electro imprisoned to some degree, similar to the Lizard in the first movie. He will then be freed and join the Sinister Six, with a grudge against Spidey.



Paul Giamatti has practically told us that he is being included in the Sinister Six. He is quoted as saying, “A couple of us are more hanging around the background because I think there will be a bigger deal…” When asked if it was the S6, he replied, “I don’t know, but that seems to be what they’re doing”. Therefore, I think Rhino is a pretty sure bet.

Green Goblin


In my opinion, the surest inclusion to the Sinister Six is the Green Goblin. The most sinister villain Spiderman ever faced, Goblin was the one in the comics who killed Peter’s girlfriend. To place Goblin in the movie without making him the primary villain guarantees that he will be involved in other movies. He will be in the Sinister Six, if not the leader thereof.


These four are already established characters of the Spiderman Universe, therefore the most likely inclusions into the Sinister Six. In the tailers for the next Spiderman movie, however, two more villains are hinted at.

Dr. Octopus


The above photo comes straight from one of the Amazing Spiderman 2 trailers. If this isn’t Doctor Octopus, I don’t know what is. Granted, this is by no means confirmation. It could simply be an easter egg, but I somehow doubt it. I think we’re going to see a Doctor Octopus in the Sinister Six. it will be decidedly different from Alfred Molina’s portrayal in Spiderman 2, but we will see an incarnation in some way or another.

Some have dropped the name BJ Novak for Dr. Octopus. He is cast in an unknown roll for the upcoming movie. He would definitely look the part, but there is no way to confirm this without a doubt.



In the very same image as the Octopus Arms, we saw Vulture’s wings. There has been no confirmed casting for Vulture, but the name Colm Feore has been dropped. He has been confirmed as Donald Menken in the Amazing Spiderman 2. Donald Menken is only an assistant at Oscorp in the comics, but the physical appearance of Feore is strikingly similar to Vulture. Time will tell.


These are the six villains created or teased in the Universe as we know if. That doesn’t automatically draft them into the Sinister Six, however. If the Lizard, true to comics, decides that he kinda likes Spiderman or if Electro kicks the bucket in this movie or if Doc Oc or Vulture actually don’t end up on the roster, we have some space to fill. So who would fill it?



I know, I know. The helmet is kinda lame. But he was an original member and highly recognizable by Spiderman fans. There was the matter of some dramatic, mysterious character in the post-credits of The Amazing Spiderman…


So of these seven, I predict that six will find their way into Spiderman’s ultimate team of foes.

But who won’t be in it?



Kraven was an original member of the six and I know many Spiderman-fans who are praying to see their favorite hunter brought to the screen. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t bet on it. Not only would he be remarkably hard to pull off on-screen (how do you convert a costume like that without making everyone laugh?), but the Amazing Spiderman 2 video game focuses a lot on him. I know this doesn’t exactly seem like hard evidence against Kraven’s appearance, but think a moment on it. Sony produces all Spiderman movie-related materials. They have placed Kraven in the game rather prominently, but not the movie trailers. As a player of the original Sony Spiderman video games, I can say that historically speaking, villains that were planned for future movies didn’t end up in the video games for previous movies. Mostly for continuity purposes.

It’s enough to convince me that he won’t make the cut.



Venom has been announced to have his own movie, so logically one might assume that he is a part of the universe, so why not a part of the six?

Two major reasons:

First, it doesn’t fit with venom’s character. Venom has always hated Spiderman, yes, but he’s always taken his wrath out alone. Venom is instinctive and deadly, but not a very good team player.

Second, the fact that he has a separate movie. Why make a venom movie and a Sinister Six movie separately? Why not just include venom in the Sinister Six movie? It think it’s because they’re going to be separate threats. Personally, I like it better that way.Image

So that’s my predictions for the Sinister Six. They seem to have already established some set characters in their universe that the fans know and can respond to. I don’t think they’ll expand much more outside of that.

I could be right, I could be wrong, but only time will tell.


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