Crossbones – Who Is He?


Possible spoilers follow!

Basic Facts

Name: Brock Rumlow

Affiliations: Hydra

Superpowers: None


Brock Lumlow, otherwise known as Crossbones, was a long-time adversary of Captain America. A worshiper of the Red Skull, Crossbones was often affiliated with Hydra. During the Death of Captain America storyline, it was Crossbones who fired the first shots at Captain America (after Cap’s death, he was later resurrected).



Crossbones has never been portrayed in a movie before, but Frank Grillo will play him in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The movie appears to change the origin of Crossbones, making him a soldier alongside Captain America, probably working for SHIELD. It’s probable that we will see Crossbones transition to a villain during the course of the movie.

I will be very interested to see Crossbones step up to the big screen.

Source: Dougall, Alastair, ed. The Marvel Encyclopedia. London: Dorling Kindersley, 2009. Print.


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